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What’s a “Quick Move-In Home” and Why Might I Consider One?

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June 23, 2022

A “Quick Move-In Home” (QMI) also referred to as a “spec home” is a home that a builder has completed, or nearly completed, and can be bought and occupied within weeks. While most buyers weigh building new, from the ground up, vs. buying an existing (older) home, there are several key advantages to purchasing a completed or nearly completed home.

A brand new home without the wait

The new home building process is undeniably exciting, but even in the best cases a new home means waiting 6-12 months from the day papers are signed until the home is ready to be occupied. Quite simply, a QMI offers new construction without the wait! A QMI home is either complete or within weeks of completion, allowing financing, settlement and move in to proceed quickly.

Leaving the decisions in capable hands

Another benefit of a QMI home is that the big decisions have already been made: a lot has been chosen, a floor plan selected, many of the finishes, if not all, have been chosen and installed. Garman Builders takes great care in selecting fixtures and finishes in QMI homes. Our Design Team ensures a balance between the hallmarks of Garman Design: a foundation of classical elements elevated by on-trend finishes. Buyers tend to appreciate the Design Team’s considered interplay of woods, surfaces, lighting, textures, masonry, and paint, allowing themselves the pleasure of adding their personal touches through furnishings, art, and other accents. 

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Simplicity in purchasing

The ease of the purchasing process is another reason to consider a QMI home. Whereas necessarily buyers must pay in stages for ground-up construction, known as “progress payments,” a QMI home purchase is much simpler – more akin to buying a used home. 

Getting top value for your home buying budget

QMI homes are the result of careful planning, cost management and value-driven decisions. When we are able to take advantage of our strong supplier relationships to secure products at a lesser cost, those savings get passed on. This flexibility translates to higher levels of customization at a bit of cost savings for the buyer. 

Seeing the finished home before you buy

Don’t get us wrong, many people love the collaborative process of building a home from the ground up. But with all those decisions sometimes comes anxiety, even when guided by the capable experts on our Design Team. So a healthy percentage of buyers love the assurance of being able to walk through a completed home before any financial commitment has been made. 

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Garman Builders QMI homes can be found here!

Take a peek at our current inventory of Garman Builders QMI homes here.  Be sure the check back often as our newly completed or nearly completed homes are added regularly. Our Team strives to offer the best qualities of a Garman home at a variety of price points, styles and sizes to accommodate and enhance a range of lifestyles and family situations. We invite you to come see one in person soon!

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