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Embracing the Wallpaper Trend in Our New Model Home

Bedroom with large bed and four wooden posts

May 20, 2022

A Wallpaper Renaissance

The Chinese are commonly believed to have invented decorative wallpaper over 1,000 years ago. The first widely available decorative wallpaper was found in Victorian-era homes, made available through developments in continuous printing technology. By the mid-late 1900's wallpaper in homes often looked dated, with designers and magazines favoring cleaner lines and less adornment. 

But wallpaper has found its way back. Big time. Page through any glossy home magazine or Instagram feed, you'll see wallpaper everywhere- from traditional William Morris designs to trendy wall-size murals and every pattern in between. In addition to greater variety, there are economic factors driving the wallpaper explosion. Households have experienced an increase in disposable income, coupled with a broad trend toward renovation of existing homes brought about by the global pandemic and a hot housing market.

Wallpaper has evolved in many directions, making it more accessible to people unafraid to tackle a weekend DIY project armed with little more than a few supplies from the hardware store and a YouTube tutorial. Self-pasting, peel-and-stick, removable, and highly customizable digitally printed papers are all the rage on Etsy. Internet-based wallpaper suppliers have made an enormous selection of previously difficult-to-find wallpapers available directly to consumers. 

Utilizing Wallpaper In Our New Model Home

Garman Builders Design Team has incorporated wallpaper into model homes too. The brand new model home in Strathford Meadows has multiple papered walls. The formal living room features a stunning black and cream patterned wallpaper accent. Directly across the entryway, in the dining area, is an eyecatching mix of 3/4 height shiplap paired with a similar black and cream patterned wallpaper. The first-floor powder room has an even more unique feature- a wallpapered ceiling. The Owners Suite has a delightful crane patterned accent wall to finish our wallpaper tour that brings character to the room. 

"Wallpapered accent walls help to create a unique viewpoint in a home. We love to show our buyers ways that a new Garman home expresses its character. The Ellsworth already has a lot of interesting finishes homebuyers aren't used to seeing- like a double staircase, a rustic wood accent wall, and a penny tile fireplace surround. Using the wallpaper in this home just gave it even more personality!" 

Dining room with wood table and fancy chairs

Luckily for wallpaper aficionados or curious homebuyers alike, this model home is featured in this year's Lancaster Parade of Homes. The Parade of Homes is a 9-day event, open and free to the public, to tour new homes, custom builds, apartments, and remodeling projects. The Parade takes place June 18-26th, 2022. We'd love for you to stop by our three model home entries in Strathford Meadows, Mayapple Woods Townhomes, and Lititz Bend. 

Living room with four chairs

Large bedroom with four wood posts on bed frameWith the Advent of digitally printed papers making wallpaper even more desirable, durable, customizable, and budget-friendly, wallpaper is poised to be less of a trend and more of a design element that's here to stay. For the price, there is little else than can imbue a home with as much distinctive style as wallpaper. 

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