Fire, Flood, Wind, and Storm Damage Restoration

When disaster strikes, experience matters and minutes count.

24/7 emergency service

How We Can Help

If you have been a victim of fire, flood, wind, or storm damages, you can count on Garman Builders. We know the stress of your property loss can be tragic, devastating, and overwhelming.

Garman works for you, and with your insurance company to ensure a smoother, faster process with limited surprises—where custom changes are welcomed, allowing you an opportunity to create a space even better than before.

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Your Restoration Process

  1. Secure your property as needed (board-up windows and doors, tarp roof, etc.)
  2. Perform any emergency work required to prevent further damage (clean, dry-out, etc.)
  3. Secure your personal belongings in an offsite location.
  4. Meet on-site to create your estimate.
  5. Work through the details with your insurance company.
  6. Restore your property to its pre-loss condition.