Restoration Services

inside of a Burnt down home

Large Loss & Total Restorationfrom fire and large water damage

When disaster strikes, experience matters and minutes count.

If you have been a victim of fire or large water damage, you can count on Garman Builders. We know the stress of your property loss can be tragic, devastating, and overwhelming.

Garman works for you and with your insurance company to ensure a smoother, faster process with limited surprises—where custom changes are welcomed, allowing you an opportunity to create a space even better than before.

Restoration Services

Total Loss

"Total loss" damage, usually from a major fire or other natural disaster, means no part of the home is repairable, inhabitable or structurally sound. In these unfortunate circumstances Garman Builders, Restorations team will design and build a custom home.

    Flood or Large Water Damage

    "Large water damage" means substantial water damage was caused by major leak or weather event that affects a significant portion of the home, and could necessitate the removal and replacement of plaster or drywall, flooring, cabinetry, millwork, structural elements, etc. 

      Large Fire Loss

      "Large fire loss" means significant damage was caused by fire, smoke and water affecting a substantial portion of the interior and exterior of home. This oftentimes requires the mitigation and rebuilding anew the home's interior, and making major repairs to affected areas of the exterior.

        Large Structural Damage due to Impact

        "Large structural impact damage" means that significant damage affecting a large portion of the home was caused by impact of, for example, a large fallen tree or tornado, high winds, etc. 

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          The quality and little details were big improvements over the other homes we looked at. We weren't just looking at 'right now,' but also how the home will sell in the future. When you think about resale value and compare standard features and upgrades, they were the best!

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