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The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Guide to Breweries in Central PA

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April 29, 2024

After decades of building in Central Pennsylvania, it’s easy to understand why we admire true craftsmanship. At Garman Builders, our craft is creating homes, yet here in Central PA, there's another time-honored craft that deserves to be celebrated—craft brewing. 

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and rolling hills steeped in history, here are some of our local breweries blending tradition and innovation, mirroring our dedication to quality in Central Pennsylvania. 

Breweries Near Lebanon

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, situated in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, has cultivated a rich cultural and community spirit over the years. Its historical roots and vibrant local life have provided a fertile ground for the craft brewing industry to flourish, turning the area into a notable hub for craft breweries.

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Lebanon Valley Craft Brewing

Lebanon Valley Craft Brewing stands out for its exceptional beer crafted with locally sourced ingredients and its commitment to community building. Imagine sipping a finely brewed ale while supporting local agriculture and businesses during a community event.

Snitz Creek Brewery

Snitz Creek Brewery is where creativity meets tradition in a pint. This brewery emphasizes a local, friendly atmosphere where each beer is a testament to the brewery's dedication to quality and community involvement.

Schaylor Brewing Company

Schaylor Brewing Company offers a family-friendly environment right in the heart of Lebanon. Their location, coupled with their community engagement, makes every visit memorable.

Isaacs Craft Kitchen and Brewery

Isaacs Craft Kitchen and Brewery combines classic deli favorites with innovative craft beers, making it a perfect spot for a relaxed afternoon.

Lebanon's evolution into a craft brewery hub has made it a destination for both locals and tourists seeking to experience quality craft beers in a community-oriented environment. This synergy between brewing excellence and community spirit makes Lebanon an exemplary model of how craft brewing can become intertwined with the fabric of local life.

Proximity to Garman Builders communities like Mayapple Woods Designer Townhomes, Wynfield at Annville, and Stratford Meadows means residents can enjoy the best local brews within just a short ride from home.

Breweries Near Harrisburg

Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania, stands out not only for its political significance but also for its vibrant cultural tapestry and dynamic urban environment. This city is enriched by a rich political and cultural history that contributes significantly to its identity, making it a unique backdrop for a burgeoning craft beer scene that mirrors the diversity and vitality of its downtown area.

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Boneshire Brew Works

Boneshire Brew Works is a haven for craft beer lovers, offering a wide selection of beers made on-site. Their addition of Neapolitan pizza provides a perfect pairing for any brew.


Millworks is a hub for local artists and farmers, featuring a brewery that uses local ingredients to create beers that are as fresh as the food in their award-winning restaurant.

Rotunda Brew Pub

Rotunda Brew Pub focuses on local sourcing to a level that enhances both their dishes and their brews, offering a truly local dining experience in nearby Hershey.

SpringGate Brewery

SpringGate Brewery is a family-owned gem that combines history with modern brewing techniques, creating beers that are both innovative and deeply rooted in the local land.

Harrisburg’s craft beer scene is a vibrant and integral part of the city’s culture, offering a unique blend of historical richness, community spirit, and innovative brewing that reflects its diverse and dynamic character. The breweries here are not just places to enjoy a good drink but are also pivotal spaces for cultural and communal development.

Living in Garman Builders communities like Autumn Oaks, Parkway Farms, or Chestnut Hills puts you within easy reach of Harrisburg’s vibrant brewery scene. Enjoy local culture and exquisite brews to enhance your lifestyle.

Breweries Near Hershey

Hershey, Pennsylvania, often celebrated for its iconic status as the home of Hershey's Chocolate and dubbed "the sweetest place on Earth," offers more than just chocolate delights. Beyond its confectionary fame, Hershey has cultivated a rich brewery culture that complements its tourist attractions and broadens its appeal to a wider audience.

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The Brewery at Hershey

The Brewery at Hershey provides an eclectic mix of craft beer and fine wines, making it a premier destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Iron Hill Brewery

Iron Hill Brewery in Hershey combines rich, chocolate-inspired brews with a view that’s just as sweet.

Troegs Independent Brewery

Troegs Independent Brewery is not just a brewery; it’s a testament to local sourcing, with over 225,000 pounds of local ingredients turning into exquisite beers each year.

Englewood Brewing Co.

Englewood Brewing Co. offers a unique blend of modern American fare and top-quality brews in a setting that emphasizes community and craftsmanship.

Overall, Hershey's brewery culture adds a rich layer to its identity as a premier destination. It offers a sophisticated yet accessible beer scene that complements its sweet reputation, providing an all-encompassing experience for visitors and residents alike.

Residents of Garman Builders properties like The Porches of Allenberry and Brindle Farms Estates are just a short journey away from enjoying Hershey’s rich brews and vibrant community events.

Breweries Near Mechanicsburg

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is a charming small town known for its friendly community vibe and an array of local festivals that celebrate the town's heritage and sense of community. This setting provides a perfect backdrop for its vibrant craft beer scene, which includes several homegrown breweries that have become integral parts of local festivities and daily life.

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Wolf Brewing Co.

Wolf Brewing Co. prides itself on creating community and crafting beers that reflect Mechanicsburg’s local character.

Mellow Mink Brewing

Mellow Mink Brewing, with its focus on unique and high-quality brews, offers a welcoming atmosphere that is both inclusive and innovative.

Cold Springs Inn

Cold Springs Inn, set against the backdrop of the Yellow Breeches Creek, provides a rustic yet refined brewery experience with its home-brewed selections.

Hemauer Brewing Co.

Hemauer Brewing Co. combines the art of brewing with the comfort of local flavors, making it a staple in the Mechanicsburg brewing scene.

Mechanicsburg’s craft beer scene perfectly complements its festive atmosphere and community-focused spirit. The town’s breweries not only offer exceptional beers but also embody the communal values that make Mechanicsburg a wonderful place to live and visit. These establishments contribute significantly to the town's identity as a vibrant and welcoming community, where every festival and event is an opportunity to celebrate local craft and camaraderie.

Nearby Garman Builders communities like Autumn Chase, Autumn Chase Townhomes and Jefferson Court offer convenient access to these local breweries, making it easy for residents to immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy the best brews Mechanicsburg has to offer.

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Central Pennsylvania offers an appealing blend of community, culture, and craft beer that’s hard to find anywhere else. Garman Builders enhances this experience by providing homes that are as welcoming and diverse as the breweries nearby. We invite you to explore all that our communities have to offer in this vibrant region. Visit us today to schedule a tour and find your perfect home in Central PA.

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