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Standing Behind Our Homes Since 1972

We’re Garman Builders, and we stand behind every home we’ve built since our father, Ivan Garman, laid his first foundation in 1972. We’re here for every stage of your journey, partnering with you as you build a new home, or renovate or restore the home where your fondest memories were made.

For us, details don’t just matter, they’re our life. From quality lumber to the effortless glide of a properly hung window, the details ensure our homes and additions are built to last for generations.

We can’t wait to continue our tradition of excellence with you. Give us a call and let’s get started!

The Garman Edge

The Garman Edge is the secret to our success, the guiding principles we use to deliver award-winning homes year after year, and the reason home buyers choose us.

  • Assurance


    Trust drives all we do, it is the foundation of our success, longevity, and reputation.

  • Innovation


    Innovative thinking, techniques, and products are applied to each aspect of our business; from building science to design and beyond.

  • Partnership


    A sense of partnership is developed through shared goals and open communication. Team Garman works in concert to deliver your dream home - built to last and finished on time.

  • Dedication


    Dedication is the key safeguard to the integrity and quality of our homes and the entire Garman experience.

Our Services

New Homes

As trusted craftsmen we consider every detail, and are invested in building new homes that reflect the way you live. From the day we break ground to the moment you move in, we’re your partner and guide, and we stick to what we promise.


Whether your family is growing or your business needs some extra space, we work with you to turn your renovation goals into functional, beautiful spaces that change your life for the better.


We understand the challenges you face when your home or business is damaged. As experts in new construction and restoration, we take immediate action, responding whenever you need us and helping you find the fastest way forward.

Organizations We Support

Garman is proud to support and give back!  We share our time and resources with dozens of organizations including EITC organizations. Not only does Garman give back, but our employees are actively involved with the community and support the causes that really mean something to them.

What Our 
Homebuyers Are Saying

The quality and little details were big improvements over the other homes we looked at. We weren't just looking at 'right now,' but also how the home will sell in the future. When you think about resale value and compare standard features and upgrades, they were the best!

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