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8 Unique Ideas for Personalizing Your New Home

Living room with round mirros and large lamp in corner

September 22, 2023

Every house is built with walls and floors, but the personal touches truly make it a home. If you've just moved into a new home (or are considering a move in the near future), our latest blog on eight unique ways to personalize your new space can offer the inspiration needed to transform your house into a home. Embrace the freedom to add your unique stamp without the stress of major updates or changes. Personalizing your new home with a beautiful canvas like the ones offered by Garman Builders is both a joy and a journey.

Wall Art and Murals: Reflections of You

The simplest splash of color or form can bring a wall to life. Consider hanging framed family photos, art pieces that speak to you or even removable wall decals. Whether it's a mural of a serene landscape, abstract forms or a quote that resonates with your spirit, this is a space where your personality can shine brightly.

Couch in front of a large piece of wall art

Statement Furniture: More Than Just Utility

Sometimes, that eccentric coffee table or the vintage armchair inherited from grandma becomes a conversation starter. While furniture serves a function, it can also reflect your personal style. So, hunt for those pieces that resonate, and let them proudly stand out in your living space.

Personalized Shelving Displays: Tales on a Shelf

Shelves are about more than just storage. They’re stages where you can showcase your life's passions and stories. Be it books, travel mementos or antique collections, use shelving to share your journey.

Shelves with cups and flags

DIY Accent Walls: Unleashing Inner Creativity

An accent wall can redefine a room without a paintbrush ever touching the other walls. Try techniques like stenciling or removable wallpaper for a temporary yet impactful touch. The best part is that with peel and stick wallpaper, there’s no mess, little frustration, and you can change the design as often as you like.

Accent wall with photos and murals

Themed Rooms or Corners: Spaces of Passion

Everyone has that one hobby or interest that truly ignites their spirit. Why not dedicate a space for it? It could be a cozy reading nook by the window, a corner adorned with musical instruments or even a mini-gallery to showcase your artwork. As you work to make your new house a home, find ways to celebrate the uniqueness of the people living inside. 

Guitars in a room

Customized Lighting: Mood Setters

Never underestimate the power of lighting. Fairy lights draped around a mirror, unique lampshades casting warm hues, or pendant lights over the dining area can drastically change the ambiance of a room. Play around with options, and watch your space transform.

Indoor Plants and Greenery: Breathing Life into Rooms

Indoor plants do more than just oxygenate your space; they can become aesthetic landmarks. Position your plants to create green corners or use them as natural dividers in larger rooms. For those keen on making a bold green statement, consider adding a green wall — a vertical installation covered in plants — which serves as a lush backdrop and acts as a living piece of art. If maintaining a real green wall seems daunting, there's always the option of a faux green wall, which can offer any room a vibrant, maintenance-free aesthetic. Plus, indoor greenery, real or faux, is a boost for wellness, both mentally and physically.

Green wall with a neon sign

Personalized Textiles: A Tapestry of You

Curtains, rugs, cushions and throws - textiles are an incredible medium to infuse color, texture and warmth. Whether it’s a bohemian rug, geometric print cushions or a cozy throw, they comfortably wrap rooms while stamping your style.

A living room with a couch and a large rug

After exploring these ideas, we recognize that while a house is structured with ceilings, walls and floors, it's the personal touches and memories created by its inhabitants that truly craft its soul.

Eager to create your personalized haven? Explore the offerings of Garman Builders and imagine the myriad ways you can make your mark on these architectural masterpieces. Dive in and embark on a journey of easy home personalization today! Discover Garman Builders’ homes.

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