1. What does emergency work look like?

We take immediate measures to prevent further damage. This typically involves boarding up, where we install temporary barriers to keep out the weather, etc. If you’ve had water damage, it also includes drying out, where we remove standing water and as much moisture as possible. You authorize us to perform emergency work through an emergency work authorization, which allows us to notify your insurance company directly.

2. What is the role of my insurance adjuster?

Your insurance adjuster represents your insurance company and is intimate with the coverage provided by your individual insurance policy. Your adjuster shares our goal to renew your home to its pre-loss condition as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We meet with you and your insurance adjuster to ensure that our estimate covers all items affected by your loss and maintain open lines of communication with them throughout the construction process.

3. What if my insurance company already called in a company for mitigation or board up services?

As you may not know, it is your right to choose whoever you want to do repairs at your home even if your insurance company has called in a company for mitigation or board up services.

4. How do I know you are offering fair pricing for materials & services?

We calculate pricing using Xactimate, a standardized estimating system used by most insurance companies. We then work diligently with your insurance adjuster so they can finalize a fair, thorough, and accurate estimate within the terms of your insurance policy.

5. What can I do to ensure that my job is completed as soon as possible?

It is important to make and finalize your selections early in the process so that any necessary special order items don’t slow down progress. Verify that your bank has everything they need to keep the process moving (if applicable). Finally, let your Project Manager know right away if you have any concerns throughout the construction process. This allows us to quickly address time-sensitive items and to put your mind at ease.

6. What are my financial responsibilities?

The deductible specified in your insurance policy is your share of the total cost of repairs. You are responsible to pay the deductible directly to Garman Builders when signing the agreement.

7. How does Garman Builders get paid?

Garman works with your insurance company to arrive at a mutually agreed upon estimate for repairs. After you pay your deductible, your insurance company covers the remaining cost as per the agreement. Your insurance company may disperse the funds to you, giving you the responsibility of forwarding the payments to Garman as per the draws specified on the agreement.

8. Why is my estimate depreciated when I have a replacement value insurance policy?

This is a standard withholding of funds by your insurance company to ensure project completion. Depreciation is calculated by subtracting age, use, wear & obsolescence from the replacement value, and is released upon substantial completion of the work.

9. What if Garman Builders discovers that items were missed in the approved estimate?

During the course of construction, we sometimes discover the need for changes and/or additional work that we could not have anticipated in advance. In these cases, we document the change with photographs and request a work supplement from your insurance company. When your insurance company approves the work supplement, the cost of these changes are covered by your insurance policy.

10. What if I want to make custom changes or request additional work?

Garman Builders will create a change order, an agreement between you and re|new for items outside of the approved insurance estimate. Payments for change orders are due at the time of signing, as we cannot implement the change before receiving payment in full. It is important to take care of any change orders as early in the process as possible.

11. How can I keep my family members safe during the restoration?

It is important to keep family members, including pets, away from the work area at all times to ensure their safety. Please keep in mind that while work is in progress, the entrance to your property is part of the work area. Technicians may need to go in and out frequently, and are not responsible for lost pets. We have instructed all personnel to reschedule the appointment if pets have access to the work area.

12. What is a certificate of satisfaction and why am I signing it before work is 100% complete?

A certificate of satisfaction states that work is substantially complete, triggering the process to release final payment, which typically takes between 14 and 30 days. We list any small items remaining on a punch list. These must be completed before the project is considered fully complete.

The answers above are general guidelines. Please reference your insurance policy for information specific to your situation.