Interested in Moving to Lancaster, PA?

Whether you’re planning a move across the country or just across town, we understand the importance of knowing the new area before committing to a home. Fortunately, if you’re moving to Lancaster, PA, we can tell you first-hand that there is plenty of fun buried in this quaint county.

Lancaster County is filled with a lot of exciting new experiences for thrill seeker as well as family-friendly activities. From rich beer tastings to historic downtown explorations to cozy cafes visits, there are a lot of things to do around here!

New Homes Available Across the County

You’ve found the perfect location, now all that is left is to find the perfect home for sale. The Lancaster home builders on the Garman team work year-round so that there will always be an available home for sale. Not only are we constantly creating new homes, but also new neighborhoods.

Explore our up-to-date list of new homes for sale in Lancaster, PA today!

Detailed Lancaster, PA Home Builders

Garman Builders has been creating places to call home since 1972. With our team, the difference truly is in the details. Extra time is taken to make sure that every detail, both seen and unseen by the homeowner, is perfected. We are a team that believes everything matters in a home…even the things that go unseen! Never spend time worrying about the little things of your home ever again.

We craft each new home in Lancaster County with only the best materials. For example, we have worked hard to find quality building materials such as lumber and trusses, insulation, floor bracing, and foundation systems. Making sure you and your family are happy and healthy in your home is at the very top of our priority list.

One of the greatest advantages of a Garman home is the absolutely stunning floor plan designs. Each new home in Lancaster, PA is created with a free-flowing design and plenty of flexible space that can be used for any purpose. We offer several designs, but if you are interested in customizing your own floor plan, we will be happy to do that as well!

Tired of running out of storage in your current home? We have the solution! This annoying occurrence will never again be a problem with our team of dedicated Lancaster home builders! Garman Builders includes a lot of resourceful storage built within each home.

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When looking for that ideal home for sale in Lancaster, Pa, consider one constructed by our team. We would love to meet and develop a personal relationship with you. Please contact us today though our web form or call our office!